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For those who want not to only earn more money but also to actively promote our online investment project, we offer special terms of cooperation. This means that you can become an information partner of and conduct consulting online activities within the boundaries of the city, region or even country of your residence. A lot of young inexperienced investors are trying to start earning on the Internet, but are often victims of unscrupulous companies or even scams. Losing money is a waste of time and faith in their own strength. That's why we need company representatives which can tell about all the advantages of investing with our company, and provide step by step instructions.


Of course, we do not require you to do anything for free. On the contrary, we will do its utmost to encourage your activities. is willing to pay you a higher referral commission, which is always 7%, irrespective of the number of referrals that you have already attracted.

In order to become a regional representative, you must submit a request that contains all the necessary information about you: your username on the website, your full name, contact email and phone number, country and city of your stay, as well as the languages that you own.

Once we verify your information, you will be added to the list of official representatives below and start making the appropriate affiliate commission.